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The Governments Most Insidious Plan (Part 3) | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

The Governments Most Insidious Plan (Part 3)

The following is an excerpt from an email I recieved from The Sovereign Society.  The information that they provide is forward looking and accurate.  In 2004, they forsaw the derivatives and real estate crises. They alerted their members again in 2006 about the financial crisis to come.  Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Sovereign Society.


The US government has never hesitated to do what they want, when they want in the name of some “greater good.”  Just have a look…

In 1933, as the financial crisis of the day reached its peak, Franklin Roosevelt launched a full scale confiscation of depositors money.  This “bank holiday” was supposed to be a cooling off period.  But in reality it was merely a strong-arm tactic to control those whose only concern was for their and their family’s well being.

To prevent panicked citizens from “hoarding” gold, he signed the gold confiscation act.  Forcing individuals to surrender their personal gold holdings for $20.60 per ounce. Then he revalued gold at $35 an ounce! Instantly boosting the value of the government’s gold. And instantly making those who turned in their gold 43% poorer

Ancient history you say? Then how about some more recent actions…

In 1969 Lyndon Johnson decided to fund his Great Society by “borrowing” surplus funds.  He raided your Social Security.

In 1971 Richard Nixon realized we didn’t own enough gold to back the amount of dollars outstanding.  He removed the gold standard making your money virtually worthless.

All these actions happened with the stroke of a pen. And all passed off as being “for the good of the country.”

Still think they wouldn’t take this kind of action today?

Believe me.  The only “greater good” they’re interested in is their own.

The Games Governments Play
(and they ALL do)…

All governments will “change the rules” like that. Especially after they’ve become so reckless, they can’t hide the damage their actions have caused any more. But before they do, they have to do two things. First they have to make you believe they had nothing to do with causing the problem. And second, they have to convince you all the rule changes are really for your benefit.

In 2008, Argentina nationalized all $30 billion of its citizens’ private retirement savings. But before they took this extraordinary action, they took steps to make the public believe it was for their own good…

I know. They’re a “banana republic” – and the U.S. is far more “sophisticated,” right? Just the same, let’s have a side-by-side look….

Banana Republic The Mighty U.S.
They blamed “the market” for their economic troubles… Congress announced its investigation into “…the toxic mix of corporate greed, recklessness and deregulation that created this financial crisis.”
They stepped in and increased their economic involvement in the affairs of the country… The US government is now backing 59% of all loans in the mortgage market. Their exposure is now up to $6.1 trillion…
They nationalized businesses Fannie Mae? Freddie Mac? AIG? GM? Chrysler? The government is now a majority owner of all of them
They devalued their currency The Federal Reserve has flooded the financial system with new dollars, devaluing existing dollars by over 41%.
They set punitive tax rates to make society more “fair” “There has to be a restoration of balance in our tax code…”
             – President Barack Obama

Do you see the pattern?

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention can see we’re heading down the same slippery path…


And as we can see today… the agenda of Universal Health Care will pass, even if they have to bribe each other for votes.  Over 60% of Americans think the bill is a bad idea.  But that doesn’t matter.  The AGENDA will move forward, no matter what and no matter who gets in the way.

Politics has become publically corrupt, for all to see, not just in the backrooms… anymore.

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