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The Governments Most Insidious Plan? (Part 1) | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

The Governments Most Insidious Plan? (Part 1)

The following is an excerpt from an email I recieved from The Sovereign Society.  The information that they provide is forward looking and accurate.  In 2004, they forsaw the derivatives and real estate crises. They alerted their members again in 2006 about the financial crisis to come.  Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Sovereign Society.


The government is walking a tightrope of insolvency.

On one side there are their foreign creditors. Sovereign banks who lend them hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Money they’ve used to rack up a total debt of $38,956 for every man, woman and child in the country. Creditors  have the power to shut off that cash flow in a heartbeat.

On this side are you and me. Honest, hardworking citizens. Just trying to make a better life for ourselves. We give them their spending money in the form of taxes. Last tax season alone, we handed over an estimated $2.52 trillion dollars of our money. We play by their rules. We do what they tell us.
And to them – we’re an easy mark.
They need money. And they need it now. So where are they going to get it?

  • They can’t raise taxes… Political suicide. Even starting
    to repay the debt would require a 55% tax increase.
  • They can’t cut spending… Political suicide. From 2004
    through 2009 they wasted $129.2 billion tax dollars on earmarks. That’s
    more than the entire GDPs of 169 countries around the world.
  • They can’t borrow much more from foreign creditors… Too high
    . They’ve already borrowed record amounts. And a snub by foreign
    lenders, or even a poor auction result, could be disastrous.
  • They can’t keep printing to “monetize” their own debt… Political
    AND economic suicide
    . A further devaluation of foreign investors dollars could lead to economic retaliation.

So what can they do? Simple…

They can take it from you!


The government’s public debt is closing in on US$12 trillion. Current numbers show private retirement funds still totaling roughly US$14 trillion. Can you see what they’re thinking?

If they can move as much private capital as possible onto their balance sheet… 
problem solved. And you’d better believe it’s coming because…

They already have a plan to make sure it gets done!

Because right now the government of the United States is making plans to patch up its balance sheet with your money. By “nationalizing” your retirement.


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