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Peter Schiff Saw The Financial Collapse… | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

Peter Schiff Saw The Financial Collapse…

Peter Schiff not only warned about the recession and real estate collapse, but he details why, and what the government would do to make things worse.  People like Ben Stein (“Subprime is tiny”), Art Laffer and other “talking heads” on CBNC, who hold none of my respect, literally laughed at Peter from 2003-2008, until the financial collapse unfolded before all our eyes EXACTLY how Peter had detailed years prior.

Here is a collage video of Peter and his various incompetent opposers throughout the years.  Notice Peter has been consistent in his details of how the collapse was going to occur.

My point – Don’t listen to CNBC.  Very few talking heads on there really know what they are talking about.  Don’t waste your time.  Do your own economic analysis quickly and accurately with Marketcycle360.

You gotta love YouTube.  You don’t see those guys laughing now…

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