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Marketcycle-360 Usage | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

Marketcycle-360 Usage

Ok.  We are going to start the new year with some information and description on using MarketCycle360.

On an important note.  I will be uploading some testing that I have done with MarketCycle360.  These portfolios are not my recommendations to buy or sell.  Only you should decide what to do with your money.  I have found some interesting software set-ups that I have found and are sharing with my readers.

MarketCycle360 is unique in the investment world.  It is relevant in that it will only pick investments that are cyclically going up.  That point alone is counter to what money managers have been telling people for decades (buy and hold).  Money managers have touted diversity.  Lets try diversity… with rising momentum.  Lets sell when momentum wanes.  Money managers will have a quizzical look on their faces.

MarketCycle360 Backtest Reports.  What you see is what would have happened if this software existed during those backtest years.  Yes, this software does not curve fit.  It does not use the foresight of having future data to make trade desisions.  If it signaled a buy for GE (or anything) on January 5, 2009, then that is exactly what it would have done for that day, no matter what happened one month later.  It only buys when GE’s momentum is rising.

The above is simplistic in terms of how MarketCycle360 makes its signals, but I’m trying to make it as simple as possible to understand for those who don’t follow technical analysis.

Stay tuned for more…

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