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Marketcycle360 Portfolio Update for Oct 29, 2010 | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

Marketcycle360 Portfolio Update for Oct 29, 2010

In the latest update, we have several buy signals.  Gold and oil is still a hold.  EWM – the country ETF for Malaysia has signaled a buy.  I was disappointed that Ford (F) did not signal a buy, because personally I think it is the strongest automotive stock for the long-term.  Interestingly, the Inverse 30-year Bond (triple leverage) Bear fund has signaled a buy.  What does that mean?  Rates may be bottoming.  Maybe we have these buy signals ahead of another major bull run.  The Republicans may win big this Tuesday, which will be a big positive for small business.  The Democrats have shown a willingness to punish business big or small.  And, they want to punish the wealthy, who provide us jobs, give to charities, etc.

Marketcycle360 Results for Oct 29, 2010

Marketcycle360 Results for Oct 29, 2010

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