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MarketCycle360 Portfolio Update for Nov 6, 2010 | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

MarketCycle360 Portfolio Update for Nov 6, 2010

Looks like there was a broad based rally in equities markets around the world.  Treasuries were selling off slightly, with money moving into commodities and stocks.  The dollar took a hit, but started to bounce back at the end of the week.  Is the risk appetite returning?  We’ll need more time to evaluate.

Meanwhile, MC360 gave us a few more signals… Buy Apple (APPL), Buy Real Estate (FRSSX-my 401k), Duke Energy (DUK), and General Electric (GE).  Very broad signals.

All of last weeks signals are already in profit.

So, is there a “next shoe to fall?”  I thought it would have been commercial real estate.  But, banks have been holding on to foreclosed residential real estate, so they can sell for higher prices in the future.  The Fed is being used as a stop-gap for the banks to hold on to all the real estate.

Is the dollar going to be the next shoe to fall?  Or will interest rates? Probably not interest rates since the Fed will be buying $650 to 850 Billion worth. The dollar seems to be the highest probability.  The Fed is very afraid of deflation.

MarketCycle360 as of Nov 6, 2010

The Feds stimulus will be heading into the markets.

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