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Marketcycle 360 Portfolio Update for Nov 27, 2010 | Carl's Finance & Investing Blog

Marketcycle 360 Portfolio Update for Nov 27, 2010

Pretty quiet.  Markets were under some pressure by the European handling of the Ireland bailout.  The Eurodollar and British Sterling have seen huge losses this week. As for signals, nothing real significant, other than a signal to re-enter the real-estate fund.  Existing sales data for homes was at -8.6%.  These low sales numbers with the interest rates this low, does not make a good case for a recovery any time soon.  Minor signal to buy AMD.  Chip and semiconductor stocks have been on the rise since September, but I don’t see it as much more than a correction of thier respective bear markets.

Marketcycle 360 Portfolio update for Nov 27, 2010

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