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Who is looking out for the small guy?

So, who is looking out for the small guy? 

Most people don’t pay to much attention to thier retirement accounts.  The brain-washing has been thoroughly saturated in our society.  Just keep putting your money in an account or buying mutual funds every month, no matter what.  So, until something happens, like the market falling 40% you really don’t feel a need to do anything else.  But when you start looking at what you could have done, it looks like a difficult and daunting task.  Because then, you will actually have to pay attention to the markets.  You don’t have time for that.  So, the status-quo becomes a purvasive theme in many Americans investment attitude.

The “Buy and Hold” is what we are taught and what is advertised even by the so-called “experts.”  Some people think that a mutual fund company will manage thier assets for them.  Not so.  Most retail mutual fund companies have a mandate to invest X% of the assets of the mutual fund in stocks and bonds, etc.  If you don’t believe me, read the booklets that you get every year from the mutual fund company, especially the tiny fine print.  Most mutual fund companies will not actively manage funds in a mutual fund.  In other words, if a manager believes the market will crash, they are mandated to keep your money invested, diversified in stocks that will plummet with the market.

The bottom line is… if you want to invest wisely, while still putting your money away, you have to do it yourself.  And, I know, it takes a lot of time to do it.

There is a solution to the dilemma… MarketCycle360.  Take a look at it.  Test it.  You will be blown away by the simplicity.  You can be set up it minutes.  It performs all the analysis for you.  It will let you know when the market is on shaky ground and when you should move your money to cash.  It will let you know when to invest.  All automatically, and with stunning precision.

Check it out here.

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